At Port Melbourne Medical we administer thousands of vaccines annually and the vaccination rate significantly increases during flu season. Whilst our nurses are very caring and gentle the fact remains some children have a genuine fear of needles and a vaccination can be a traumatic experience. In keeping with our mantra of technology enabled medicine, PMM researched the market for some innovative solutions that can improve the outcome for these children….enter Smileyscope.

Smileyscope was developed by two Melbourne doctors who wanted to ensure that children had the best possible care and support during blood tests, vaccinations and other medical procedures.

The child wears the VR goggles during the medical procedure, transporting them into an award-winning underwater adventure. It is specifically designed to keep children calm with blowing bubbles, spotting coral, and that needle prick? Just feels like a fish nibbling!

Smileyscope turns fear into fun for children, decreasing pain and distress for families, and making these procedures faster and safer. Smileyscope has been used in leading children’s hospitals in Australia and the US.

“We’re excited to work with innovative GP clinics like Port Melbourne Medical to help transform the experience of vaccinations for children in our community” said Dr Evelyn Chan, Smileyscope’s CEO.


Please alert our nurses if your child is anxious of needles and would like to try Smileyscope. There will be no additional charge for the use of this fantastic system.


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