Discover Doctor and Nurse Employment Opportunities with Port Melbourne Medical

Working in medicine is rewarding but challenging, and often you’re looking for a medical practice where you’ll be in a supportive and friendly environment. We understand that starting at a new clinic can be daunting, and you’ll wonder if you’ll thrive in the new setting.

That’s why when you join us at Port Melbourne Medical, you’re part of a practice that focuses on in-house education and mentorship from a specialist team, and an emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness.

Advance Your Career at Port Melbourne Medical

Furthering your career and education is also important, so that’s why at PMM, you’re able to focus on your area of interest and you’re encouraged to be constantly upskilling. Our evidence-based practice also has a high retention rate, where you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and support from nurses.

Nurses at Port Melbourne Medical are also treated as equals to the doctors, where the doctors are approachable and are happy to support younger nurses. You’ll flourish in a culture of trust and autonomy, that offers flexibility, as well as upskilling and furthering education.


Here’s what our doctors and nurses have to say about working at PMM.

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