You Can Have Fewer Hospital Visits with Shared Maternity Care

If you’re expecting, you may be able to have your maternity care close to home so you can build a relationship with your local doctor that continues after your baby’s birth, making it easier for you to have appointments that work with your busy schedule.

Having a baby is an exciting time, but we understand that you have many decisions about your little one’s birth. If you’re going to deliver your baby at a public hospital, Shared Maternity Care may be an option for you.

It’s available to women who are healthy with a low-risk pregnancy, where your primary care doctor and the hospital will “share your care”, including communication, results, and any abnormal findings.

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You may be able to see your accredited Shared-Care GP for the majority of your pregnancy visits, with some visits and your baby’s delivery at the hospital.

The Shared Care doctors at Port Melbourne Medical are Dr Sarah Lewis, Dr Claire Langford, Dr Shnedha Nagpal and Dr Amanda Fairweather.

If you are newly pregnant, you’ll simply select the “first pregnancy visit” option for online bookings. Make sure you let our reception staff know that you need to book a 30 minute appointment with the Shared Maternity Care doctor for your first consultation.

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Find a time that works for you to make your appointment using our easy booking system. We have male and female doctors so you can book your preferred GP at a time that fits your busy schedule.


Your doctor will treat you as a person, not just your symptoms. They’ll talk you through the best treatment and how to manage your health all in language you can understand.


You now have the tools to take a proactive approach to maintaining good health and reach your health goals, so you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

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No one should have to delay their journey to good health. Busy schedules, unfamiliar symptoms or the fear of being judged shouldn’t stop you from making your health your number one priority. Start feeling better today with a team of specialist doctors who put your health and wellbeing first. Book now with your forever clinic.

Whooping Cough

The current government recommendation is that pregnant women and their partner have the government-subsidised whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination between 28-32 weeks.

It’s available to pregnant women and their partner who are doing shared care, full hospital care, or private hospital care with their own obstetrician.

If you have a Medicare card, there is no cost for the vaccine, but a nurse fee may apply. If you do not have a Medicare card, the vaccination is $60 per person.

A nurse appointment is required for the vaccination. Just let the reception staff know when you book.

We recommended that anyone else who will have close contact with the baby should have the whooping cough immunisation if they’ve not previously been immunised within the past 5 years.

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