29th April, 2019


Port Melbourne Medical has been selected by the Federal Government to help the community detect and fight COVID-19 by establishing a Respiratory Clinic.

Our specialist centre has been assessed and approved by the Federal Department of Health as a dedicated space to assess and screen locals for COVID-19.

The Respiratory Clinic, adjacent to Port Melbourne Medical and Melbourne Pathology (Shop 3/405 Bay Street, Port Melbourne), will allow us to support the global detection and response to this pandemic without disruption to our valued patients.

The COVID-19 screening space is funded by the Federal Government and will allow people who meet the swabbing criteria to attend for both an assessment and swab, with no out of pocket cost.

The Respiratory Clinic is physically separate from Port Melbourne Medical (PMM) and Melbourne Pathology which continue to operate as usual.

The dedicated doctors, nurses and office staff from PMM will continue to provide the consistently high level of care, both for existing patients and those being tested at the new Respiratory Clinic.

Many of our patients have experienced fear and uncertainty during this pandemic and, like us, have also had to cope with changes and disruption to their work and family life. The health, safety and welfare of our patients and the community is our primary concern.

We are grateful to be delivering a vital community resource to the Port Melbourne area which broadens access to safe screening options. The Respiratory Clinic should also provide the community a level of confidence that we can quickly identify any potential local cluster which may require urgent response.

Business As Usual
Port Melbourne Medical and Melbourne Pathology are physically isolated from the Respiratory Clinic and operating as normal, albeit with the new COVID-19 safety protocols.

Eligibility Criteria for FREE COVID-19 Testing
At the time of writing this, eligibility criteria are:

* fever or chills (without alternative diagnosis to explain fever),
* OR acute respiratory infection characterised by cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss of sense of smell.
In addition testing is recommended for:

* people with new onset of other clinical symptoms consistent with COVID19 – headache, myalgia, stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea.
* AND who have been in close contact of a confirmed case, have returned from overseas in the past 14 days, or who are healthcare or aged care workers.
To understand the criteria to be eligible for a free test


To make an online booking, whether a current or new patient please click the button below. If you are a patient at Port Melbourne Medical, you will still need to select that you are a new patient, as you are new to the Respiratory Clinic.


At the time of your appointment
Please remain in your car outside the clinic until you are called. If you do not have your car, please wait on the street at least 2m from other people who may be waiting, and wait within the marked area designated for the Respiratory Clinic.

At the time of your appointment the treating doctor will call you on your mobile phone, so please ensure it is switched on, not on silent, and fully charged. They will give you further instructions.

All doctors and nurses will be in full personal protective equipment, and you will be given a mask to wear upon entry.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions please call the Respiratory Clinic reception on
8583 1150.

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