Dear Patients,

Port Melbourne Vaccination Clinic looks set to open around the 24-25th of March, 2021.

The Vaccination Clinic will be conducted from the Port Melbourne Football Club (PMFC)-Sandridge Centre.

We would like to acknowledge the PMFC who have been amazing in helping us get the vaccine clinic up and running. We would also encourage our patients and non-patients attending to give yourself plenty of time and where possible catch the light rail, walk or ride to the venue. There is parking but it is limited.

The days of operation will be Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to start with. Opening hours, which are subject to change are 9:00 to 5:30pm. As more vaccines become available, days and operating hours will be extended including some weekends.

The clinic will run by appointment only which can be booked here.

Please do not attend Port Melbourne Medical or call for a vaccine appointment at our main clinic.

We are still awaiting on various providers and details such as software and booking platforms. We have been advised the booking platform will be released to us on Monday 22/3/2021 thus we expect to be able to take bookings by Tuesday. You will be able to access the booking platform via a dedicated tile on our website.

As soon as bookings are available, we will update our website and send another email. There will be a vaccine for all who are eligible over the coming weeks, so please do not panic. We cannot take phone bookings at this stage. We appreciate many people are very keen to receive their vaccine and as soon as our providers are ready and vaccines are received, we will open the bookings. The last thing we want is to have to reschedule your appointment due to delays out of our control.


If you are eligible for vaccination under 1b you will need to consider your proof of eligibility. If you are over 70, drivers licence or passport is sufficient. If you have a chronic illness/disease, you must bring some paperwork, prescriptions or a health summary to prove your eligibility. If you are eligible due to your occupation, bring your work badge or letter from your employer. This must be witnessed to be able to receive your vaccine. Photo ID must be sighted for all people receiving the vaccine.

Not sure if you are eligible?

Access the Government Vaccine Eligibility Checker website:



You will be asked to scan our clinic QR code and “log in”. This will give you a QR code that we can use to log your vaccine directly with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Remember to bring your mobile phone.


You will need to complete your online consent form at the time of booking. The main issues that may be of importance are:

  • history of anaphylaxis, particularly to a vaccine
  • history of a bleeding disorder, or taking blood thinners
  • if you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy
  • if you are breast feeding.

If any of the above is applicable to you, please ensure you discuss with your GP if it is safe to have the vaccine prior to attending the vaccine clinic. We will ask you further questions when you attend.


  • wear a T-shirt! Button up shirts and blouses don’t allow access to the upper arm
  • bring your mobile phone to log in
  • bring a legally recognised form of photo ID
  • bring your proof of eligibility, unless you’re >70 years old in which case your photo ID with date of birth will suffice
  • please reschedule if you are sick. For your own health and safety, it’s not advised to receive the vaccine if you are unwell with cold and/or flu like symptoms.

Please remember this will be a slow and clunky process to start with as we are still yet to see the software we will be using. Be respectful to our team and be aware that any abusive, rude or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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