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Travel Medicine

Travel is an exciting time. At Port Melbourne Medical we are happy to offer you travel advice and help assess your risks of contracting certain infections during your travel (including your risk of malaria).  Vaccines are recommended for travel to certain places. Some vaccines take up to four weeks to work and therefore we recommend you book an appointment with a doctors to discuss your plans at least one month before travel.  Consultation with the doctor is charged at the standard consult fee for each individual traveller.  The vaccines are charged in addition to this consultation fee.

At Port Melbourne Medical we stock the following vaccines.

Hepatitis B:

  • Adults – $50
  • Children – $30

3 doses over 6 months (or 3 in a 1 month period, with a booster 1 year later for those with imminent travel) are required for 10+ years cover.

Hepatitis A

  • Adults – $90
  • Children – $70

A booster dose (at 6-36 months after the first) is required for 10+ years cover.


  • Adults and Children – $80

The typhoid vaccine lasts for 3 years.

Hepatits A & Typhoid combined vaccine

  • Adults and Children – $170

Boosters may be required as above.

Hepatitis A & B combined vaccine

  • Adults – $120
  • Children – enquire with nurse

Boosters may be required as above.

Yellow Fever

For those travelling to or through Yellow Fever endemic areas

  • Adults and Children – $140

Meningococcal B 

  • Adults and Children – $145


  • Adults and Children $60


We also stock:

  • Tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough – $60
  • Pneumonia vaccine – $155
  • Chicken pox vaccine – $85
  • Flu vaccine during flu season – $25 (this may be free for people with underlying medical conditions).  This year the Government is recommending the quadrivalent vaccine  which covers four strains of influenza (two A strains – Michigan and Singapore and two B strains – Brisbane and Phuket).   The flu vaccine lasts for the current flu season only.
  • Most childhood immunisations to Medicare Card Holders are free (however there are some exceptions such as the Meningococcal B immunisation).  If you are not a Medicare Card Holder  you will require a consultation with a doctor who will provide you with a prescription for the vaccines.  Immunisations that are a part of the government schedule will incur a fee of $15 for the first family member.  A discount will apply for subsequent family member’s immunised on the same day. If vaccines are being given after a doctor’s consultation no fee will apply e.g. following a six week baby check, previous travel consultation at Port Melbourne Medical.