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Skin Cancer Assessment

One in three Australians can expect to develop some type of skin cancer in their lifetime. Early detection is the best way to improve the outcome for these cancers. The most concerning type of skin cancer is melanoma. To assess your individual risk of melanoma see the risk calculator on the Victorian Melanoma Service website: http://victorianmelanomaservice.org/calculator/

Port Melbourne Medical offers skin cancer assessments. A thorough examination will be performed using a dermatoscope to assess your moles.

At Port Melbourne Medical, a formal skin cancer assessment can be performed by Dr Ian Devlin – MBBS, FRACGP, Dermatoscopy Diploma. Dr. Ian is an experienced general practitioner. He has a special interest in skin cancer medicine, and has completed the following courses: Skin Cancer Medicine, Skin Cancer Surgery, Dermatoscopy and Dermal Imaging through the University of Queensland; Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine from the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. He also holds the Australian Diploma of Dermoscopy.

Please be aware that since Melanoma can occur even on parts of the skin which haven’t seen the sun, it is important that a full skin cancer assessment requires you to undress to your underwear.  In addition, women should avoid wearing make up and nail polish to allow for a full assessment.

If any lesions of concern are identified, a follow up appointment for biopsy or removal may be required.

The fee for skin cancer assessment on the day is $125, with Medicare rebate of $37.60, therefore your gap will be $87.40.  For a more complex skin cancer assessment the fee will be $159.65 with a Medicare rebate of $72.80 and the gap is $86.85.

The fee for biopsies and excisions is variable depending on the exact procedure that is needed. The fee gap from Medicare (i.e. how much you will be out of pocket after the Medicare rebate) will be between $55 and $129.

Further information about skin cancer and prevention is available from: