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Shared Maternity Care

Shared Maternity Care

During pregnancy, you may be eligible to participate in Shared Maternity Care.

Pregnant women who are going to deliver at a public hospital can discuss the option of Shared Care with their doctor. Women with a low risk pregnancy may be able to see their Shared-Care GP for the majority of their pregnancy visits, with some visits and delivery at the hospital.

Together the hospital and your Shared-Care GP will ”share your care”.  Shared Care is a popular choice for women who are healthy with a low risk pregnancy.

In choosing Shared Care you:

  • Have most of your care close to your home or work at a time that suits you.
  • Build a relationship with your doctor and continue to see them for both your care and your baby’s care after the birth.
  • Have fewer hospital visits.

Your chosen doctor must be accredited with the hospital to provide Shared Care.

Our current Shared Care Doctors at Port Melbourne Medical are Dr Sarah Lewis, Dr Sumudu Cooray and Dr Claire Langford.

Shared care fees are:

  • Initial consultation for the pregnancy is $118 and your out of pocket will be $77.90
  • Antenatal visits are $92  and your out of pocket will be $51.90
  • 28 week visit is $158  and your out of pocket will be $36.70

If you are newly pregnant please make sure you let the reception staff know that you need to book a 30 minute appointment with the shared care doctor for your first consultation.

The current government recommendation is for pregnant women and their partner to have the government subsidised whooping cough vaccination between 28-32 weeks.   We stock the whooping cough vaccine on-site and this is available to all pregnant women and their partner whether they are doing shared care, full hospital care or private hospital care with their own obstetrician.  There is no cost if you are a Medicare card holder.  If you do not have a Medicare card this is still available at a fee of $60 per person.  You do not require a doctor’s appointment for the immunisation,  you will require a nurse appointment.  It is also recommended that anyone else who will have close contact with the baby should have immunisation cover for whooping cough if they have not previously been immunised within the past 5 years.