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Influenza Immunisation

Workplace Influenza Immunisation Program

Port Melbourne Medical also offers a workplace influenza immunisation program, through our subsidiary On-Site Medicine.  We visit your workplace at a mutually suitable time to administer the immunisations. We also have access to an online booking system that you can forward the details to staff members and they can book their time on the allocated session day.

The Australian Government revises the composition of the influenza vaccinations available on the National Immunisation Program prior to every flu season taking into account World Health Organisation recommendations.  The influenza vaccine is recommended to be given from mid-April each year. If given too early, the effects can wear off prior to the peak of flu season.

Nationally in 2017 the incidence of influenza was the largest since the 2009 pandemic year.  The high level of incidence resulted in a lot of people taking time off work and this had the flow on effect on the effectiveness of business to cope with reduced staffing levels.  Participating in this program should reduce the number of carer’s/sick leave taken.

Annual influenza vaccination continues to be the most important measure to prevent influenza and its complications.  While in some cases, influenza vaccination may not prevent a person developing the disease, it can help reduce the severity and/or duration of the disease and potentially prevent further serious complications.

Why chose Port Melbourne Medical to provide this service to your business?

  • We have flexible times that suit your business and can go to multiple office locations or be there to perform the vaccinations on training days when staff are at the same site.
  • We also have a medical clinic that the staff members who miss out on the workplace immunisation program can attend to have the vaccination.
  • We have highly trained and qualified immunisation nurses.


On-site Medicine is a division of PORT MELBOURNE MEDICAL and has been successfully protecting businesses since 2014 by attending offices and workplaces and having our immunisation specialist nurses administer influenza vaccines to staff.