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Children's Health

At PMM, many of the doctors are parents themselves, and understand the pressures, challenges and rewards of parenting. We don’t judge you if you’ve brought your children in to see us in their pyjamas with food on their face, we’ve been in that position too. We also don’t think you’re overreacting if you’ve brought your child in for something minimal. It can be hard to know when a child should be reviewed and when they’ll be fine, and that is why we use part of the consultation with you as education time. We aim to have parents walk out of PMM feeling more knowledgeable and confident in their ability to detect an unwell child.

Services offered:
– 6 week baby check – this requires a 30 minute appointment, and requires 60 minutes if Mum is having her 6 week check up too.

– Review of any developmental or behavioural concerns.

– Common concerns such as daytime or bed wetting, constipation, eczema, rashes and allergies.

-Asthma education and management.

-General checks of an unwell child.


In addition, our nurses provide all of the scheduled childhood immunisations, and additional extras such as meningococcal vaccines.  Immunisations that are a part of the government schedule will incur a fee of $15 for the first family member.  A discount will apply for subsequent family member’s immunised on the same day.  If vaccines are being given after a doctor’s consultation no fee will apply e.g. following a six week baby check.

Additional vaccines not covered by Medicare will incur an extra charge. Chat to our friendly nurses about what your child needs.