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Fees & Payment

Port Melbourne Medical is a private billing medical practice. Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit or EFTPOS. The Medicare rebate can be paid directly into your bank account or by sending the claim online to Medicare.

The standard fees (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) will incur an out of pocket cost of $45 to between $50 out of pocket depending on the Medicare item number applicable.  The after hours and weekend fee will have an out of pocket cost ranging from $60-$65.

Repatriation/Veterans affairs patients are directly invoiced to Veterans Affairs during normal business hours (not after hours).  Health Care card holders and Concession card holders will be charged the full fee amount.

Nurse immunisations that are a part of the government schedule will incur a fee of $15 for the first family member.  A discount will apply for subsequent family member’s immunised on the same day.  If vaccines are being given after a doctor’s consultation no fee will apply e.g. following a six week baby check.

Short Appointment ( 5 – 15 Minutes )

Medicare rebate of $38.20

  • Monday – Friday (8am – 6pm ) – $87.00 (out of pocket fee is $48.80)
  • After Hours (Monday – Friday after 6pm & Saturdays ) – $98.00 (out of pocket fee is $58.80)

Medicare rebate of $49.80

  • After Hours (Saturday after 1pm & Sundays) – $109.40 (out of pocket fee is $54.60)

Long Appointment ( 15 – 30 Minutes )

Medicare rebate $73.95

  • Monday – Friday (8am – 6pm ) – $123.00 (out of pocket fee is $49.05)
  • After Hours (Monday – Friday after 6pm & Saturdays until 1pm) – $133.00 (out of pocket fee is $59.05)

Medicare rebate of $85.30

  • After Hours ( Saturdays after 1pm & Sundays ) – $144.35 (out of pocket fee is $59.05)

*** Medicare item numbers will vary depending on the nature of the consultation. An item number is a Medicare code that must be used depending on the nature of the consultation, and this determines your rebate. There are some item numbers that do not have increased rebates after hours and therefore the out of pocket fee will increase in these instances. These item numbers include GP mental health consultations/care plans/reviews and pregnancy related consultations.

Please note that the fees above apply to standard general practice related consultations. Different fees may be incurred for services including but not limited to: care plans and skin checks. For pregnancy related consultation fees, please refer to the Shared Maternity Care section under Our Services. Please feel free to contact reception if you have any specific queries.